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Our Approach.

The first stage of any project involves listening to you.  We'll find out exactly what you need and what you want to achieve.  From there, we'll brainstorm a plan of attack and start implementing it.

This phase involves locking in all the specifics of the project, such as dates, times, locations and interviewees.

For filming Client Testimonial videos, it means devising the questions we'll be asking during interviews.  For filming Events, it means liaising with the venue to ensure we have all our technical bases ticked off.  For filming Business Promo videos, it means figuring out the script and the shot-list.

The fun begins.  The ThinkVP van pulls up at the location and we start setting up our cameras, lights, microphones, motorised gimbals, sliders, drones - whatever the production calls for.

This is where everything starts to take shape.  The footage is cut, music and titles added as necessary.  There are usually a couple rounds of revisions, if required.

Dropbox links are provided to download copies of the final versions of the video.  We also provide custom playback thumbnail images for you to use when uploading the video to social media channels.


Our Work.

Business Promo Videos

There's no better way to show what you do.

Client Testimonials

Let your customers tell the world how good you are - it's far more believable!

Event Videography

Workshops, conferences, event highlight videos - we do it all!

Social Media Ads​ & Series

Stay relevant and get noticed on social media with video.


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They said “find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”.  So we did.


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