Our Gear & Rates

When you work with Think VP, you video will be shot with some of the best kit going. We regularly upgrade all our kit to ensure our videos are best in class.

The Gear We Use

Our All Inclusive $60K+ Equipment Package

Lights, cameras, audio, drones, tripods, gimbals, grip... There's a lot that goes into making a professional video! Our Day Rate includes our entire equipment package, so the only time there will be extra charges will be when we need to include extra or specialised gear (which is a rare occurrence).

The cost to individually rent all the items in this package from a rental house would be upwards of several thousands of dollars per day! Booking a job with us you'll pay a fraction of that AND have a crew there that knows how to use it!

A brief look at some of our gear...

ThinkVP Production Van

The ThinkVP production van is fully equipped to cater for next to any situation we'll encounter on a shoot. The vehicle has been purpose built to carry our gear, our team and our clients as required.

Cameras - Sony FX6 & A7SIII

Our main camera is the Netflix approved Sony FX6 cinema camera. This professional level camera is used on productions around the globe and is capable of producing stunning 4K images.

We complement the FX6 with Sony's A7SIII. This is an incredible hybrid camera, which excels at video but is no slouch with photography.

These cameras are paired with a selection of appropriate lenses.

Drone - DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Drones have revolutionised the video industry and you can be sure we carry one of the top drones from DJI, the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 (what a mouthful).

Aerial footage is a great way to elevate the production value of a video project, but there are many areas where we cannot fly. If you want drone footage featured in your video, talk to us and we can confirm whether UAV are permitted to fly in the area.


Audio is one of the most important and often overlooked parts of a video production kit. People will put up with a video with sub-par quality, but they'll quickly stop watching something with bad audio.

We currently use the Audio Technica AT4053b for interior dialogue and the Rode NTG3 for exterior recording. If using lavaliers, we have a pair of Sennheiser AVX transmitters with the pro level MKE2 microphones.

We also carry a Sound Devices MixPre-6 II and sound bag for times an external recorder is required.


Proper lighting is what separates an average video from something really special. At ThinkVP we carry an extensive range of lights and modifiers to suit whatever the project calls for.

We have powerful daylight balanced lights, bi-colour lights and even RGB lights for those times where you need a splash of colour.


Sometimes videos need a script. When they do, a teleprompter is a lifesaver on set. Memorising even a fairly short script is incredibly difficult, particularly once you have lights and cameras pointing at you!

Our teleprompter will be controlled remotely by a member of our team, so so all you need to do is read the content on the screen.


Greenscreens have a range of applications, but we typically use them we need to turn a very boring space into something interesting. One thing is for sure, if not done correctly the end result can look terrible! So if you're considering a green screen, make sure you choose a production company that has experience in this area - like us!

For larger shoots we will dry-hire a studio, but we also have soultions for on-location green screen scenarios.

What We Charge

Our 2023 Rates & Fees

We are happy to put together a FREE bespoke quote for you based on your unique requirements and vision for your promotional video production needs. Whether you require full video production services, or just video editing, our rates and fees below provide an idea of what this might cost.


  • Camera Operator – Day Rate – $1100+GST
  • Camera Operator – Half Day Rate – $750+GST
  • Camera Assistant – Day Rate – $600+GST
  • Camera Assistant – Half Day Rate – $400+GST

A ‘Day Rate’ equates to 8.5 hours on-site, including a 0.5 hour break.  A ‘Half Day Rate’ equates to 4 hours on-site.  Additional charges may be applicable if travel to the location exceeds 1 hour.

Post Production

  • Video Editing – Day Rate – $800+GST
  • Video Editing – Half Day Rate – $400+GST
  • Video Editing – Hourly – $120+GST

For projects requiring editing we allow for 2x rounds of draft revisions in the included price (unless otherwise stated).

Misc Fees & Charges

  • Music Licencing – $50+GST per track
  • Data Handling & Storage – $100+GST flat fee per project
  • Supply of raw video on hard-drive – $300+GST
  • Expenses incurred (e.g. parking) at cost
  • Pre-production, admin or project management fees may be applicable.


  • Contact us for a quote.